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The Afro-Asian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AAIE) has launched the following Certificate Courses in different areas related to entrepreneurship and allied subjects.


1. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
2. Certificate in Rural Entrepreneurship
3. Certificate in Urban Entrepreneurship
4. Certificate in Edu-Entrepreneurship
5. Certificate in Sustainopreneurship
6. Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship
7. Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
8. Certificate in Religious Entrepreneurship
9. Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship
10. Certificate in Sports Entrepreneurship


Duration : Three Months

Eligibility : No Minimum Educational Qualification has been led down. All those interested in acquiring expert knowledge of entrepreneurship and allied fields are eligible to apply.


Fee : Rs. 3500 or US$ 85 only to be paid on account of admission, registration and evaluation fee.

This amount is to be transferred to our Bank Account having the following details :

Name of the Account : Afro-Asian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AAIE)
Bank Name : Indian Bank, Saket Branch, New Delhi, India
Account Number : 6753289150
IFS Code : IDIB000S097

Step by step method of learning at the Afro-Asian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AAIE):

1. Get the Admission Form downloaded and complete the same

2. Email the filled-up Admission Form

3. Pay the Admission Fee by Cheque / Draft / Electronic Transfer

4. Receive the Roll Number and Study Materials

5. Go through the e-book carefully

6. Complete the assignments and send the same to the Institute by Email / Post

7. Submit the Project Report based on your experience and knowledge acquired regarding any topic relevant to the admitted student.

8. Wait for the announcement of results.

9. Receive the Certificate (Online)

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In case of any clarification, contact the Facilitation Officer, Afro-Asian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AAIE), A 14-15-16, Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi 110030, India by post or by Email :

For any clarification, contact may be made through telephone by calling on 011-29533801, 011-29533830, 011-29535053.

24-Hours Helpline : 9999833886

All those interested in getting admitted to one of the Certificate level courses are here by advised to fill-up the Admission Form given below and send the same on the above mentioned address by email or by post along with payment of Rs. 3500 by cheque / draft / RTGS etc.

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